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Red and White Kitchen Company: Why Retro?

  Here at the world headquarters of Red and White Kitchen Company in Mount Kisco, New York, we have been producing retro kitchen textiles since 1999.  We love the vintage designs for their playfulness and color.  We see a whistling tea kettle on the stove, a kitchen table where the family eats together, red polka dot curtains, and a bold fruit tablecloth.  Maybe it didn’t go down that way, but we imagine that homey scene in our hearts.  No matter your age, the right kind of retro will make you smile because it seems so perfectly true.

  There was not much of a retro presence when we opened our doors fifteen years ago.  We arrived just slightly ahead of the curve.  We’ve seen this niche category grow much larger than we could have imagined. 

   While companies struggled to survive during the economic downturn of 2009, our company discovered our products made affordable gifts—even self-gifts.  It was not difficult for a consumer to buy a colorful, whimsical flour sack towel or two to brighten the kitchen.

  So here we are, still growing, still thriving, still working hard each year to keep our line fresh and fun.

 We thank all of our diverse retailers, who merchandise our textiles so well, for finding us and keeping us in your mix.

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For WHOLESALE inquiries, call toll-free: 877-914-7440

FAX: 914-242-0195; toll-free: 888-248-1704

Mailing address:
Red and White Kitchen Company
PO Box 619
Mount Kisco, NY 10549